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Welcome to Audlytics Media

radio & tv airplay tracking, music usage & royalty admin, digital music distribution

Airplay Monitoring, Digital Distribution & Rights Management

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Integration of sophisticated automatic content recognition and music tracking capabilities for radio & tv, to generate insightful data for music creators, publishers, CMO’s , broadcasters, ad agencies & labels.

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Submit your music to 300+ online digital platforms incl. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Boomplay, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook...

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Music Rights & Admin

We provide music data insights for music rights, royalties, and royalty reviews of radio and tv airplay. This includes performance and neighboring rights. Our clients include artists, songwriters, publishers, radio stations, CMO's and legal practices


Providing accurate music data and tracking to rights holders

Composers and rights holders lose millions in music revenue each year due to undetected and incomplete metadata on radio, tv, and streaming platforms.


Up to 40% is inaccurate or incomplete.

Audlytics is an integrated platform that bridges the gap for composers and music businesses to better manage music rights & earnings for a sustainable industry.

  • Radio & TV airplay tracking

  • Royalty reviews & audits

  • Digital music distribution

  • Specialised music industry consulting 

Audlytics detects music usage and rights holder data across radio, television, streaming & social media platforms. Our clients include music composers, publishers, CMO’s, labels, radio stations and advertisers. 

Audlytics maximizes the use of the latest technological developments, with leading partners like Radiomonitor, to capture music, analyse, track, distribute, and report music usage across radio, television, and digital platforms.  

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“Radiomonitor is a valuable tool for me to understand my radio airplay”

Josh Phillips



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