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South Africa

Radiomonitor is an airplay tracking service to detect music being played on Radio and TV stations. 


Airplay data is used by all major record labels, artists, composers, music broadcasters, media, PR for music insights & royalty management.


Access to this data is provided through a suite of powerful online tools, via the Radiomonitor App, by emailed reports or through a custom data feed.

100's of stations

We keep tabs on hundreds of radio stations throughout Africa, including 14 TV stations in South Africa, so you get significant coverage.


Global tracking in 120 countries is also available.


Initial tracking for up to 12 months, and it automatically renews annually.



Cancel anytime before the next renewal

airplay data

You can view all the details of your airplay, including the dates, times, and durations of plays. Keeping you informed! 


You can use our reports for royalty reviews and submit them to rights societies for verification. It's like having your very own music detective! 


Did you forget to send us your song and still want to know who played it, when, and how many times?


We can re-track your music as far back as 2016 at an additional cost.

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